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Professor Marcus Munafo promotes Open Research

images taken from ResearchProfessional News to accompany news story on the piece by Marcus

1 November 2019

Professor Marcus Munafo writes on the the importance of Open Research Practices in ResearchProfessional News

This October Professor Marcus Munafo wrote on Open Research for the ResearchProfessional News, with a piece titled Promoting openness. In this article he addresses the need to ensure quality control is in place to negate a lack of robustness and reproducibility in research. He goes on to explain that one solution is to promote open research practices. This ensure a level of transparency which he feels can act as an implicit quality control process through the opportunity this offers others to access and respond to the work of researchers. Open research not only allows for the final publication to be scrutinised, but also the underlying data, code, and so on— therefore researchers will be incentivised to ensure all aspects of their research is of the highest quality.

Read the whole piece on ResearchProfessional News.

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