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TARG Researchers at Pint of Science and Creative Reactions

Brain wearing glasses in a pint glass with beer

24 May 2019

On the 22nd of May, four members of the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group (TARG) gave talks at two of Bristol’s Pint of Science festival’s events. Pint of Science brings researchers to local pubs to present their research findings to public audiences. At the Greenbank pub, Marcus Munafò explored why people smoke, and Maddy Dyer discussed the relationship between anxiety and alcohol use. The second event at the Island, was in partnership with Creative Reactions, which is a collaboration between artists and scientists to produce artworks related to the science presented at Pint of Science. Jasmine Khouja discussed the reasons why people use e-cigarettes and the potential health consequences associated with vaping, and Carlos Sillero debated whether people want to know or have a right to know how many calories and units are in their alcoholic drinks. It was a successful night at both venues. We thank the Pint of Science organisers for inviting us, and all the attendees who came. 

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Written by Jasmine Khouja

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