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TARG research at MQ Mental Health Science Meeting

Kayleigh Easey news item Feb 2019

Kayleigh Easey presenting at MQ Mental Health Science Meeting Feb 2019

1 March 2019

PhD students Kayleigh Easey, Maddy Dyer and Elis Haan received travel grants to present in London at MQ Mental Health Science Meeting

PhD students Kayleigh Easey, Maddy Dyer and Elis Haan have received travel grants from MQ Mental Health Science Meeting. These grants supported their travel to the meeting in London where they each gave a poster presentation on work from their PhD. Kayleigh presented “The association between parental alcohol use and offspring mental health”. Maddy presented both hers and Kayleigh’s work on “Associations of child and adolescent anxiety with later alcohol use and disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies”, and Elis presented “Maternal and paternal smoking, alcohol and caffeine use during pregnancy and ADHD symptoms in offspring, from childhood to adolescence”.

MQ is a charity that funds research into how, and why mental health problems occur. The yearly meeting is one of the largest international scientific meetings focusing on mental health research. It brings together researchers and service users to discuss ways to understand and prevent mental illness. The theme of this years meeting was “Transforming mental health throughout the life course”, which included symposia on suicide and self-harm, the implications of physical health on mental health and loneliness.

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