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Shaping Healthy Behaviour at Thinking Futures Festival

5 November 2014

Olivia Maynard gave a public lecture on Monday 3 November at the University of Bristol's Thinking Futures Festival.

In Olivia's talk, entitled 'Shaping Healthy Behaviour', Olivia discussed how our everyday environments encourage us buy more, drink more and eat more, from carefully-designed supermarket floor plans, to fast-tempo music in bars and supersized food portions. Shaping behaviour through manipulating the environments in which we make everyday decisions (known as choice architecture interventions), has been used for years by marketers to increase sales. However, this can have a negative impact on population health, exacerbating the growing burden of disease caused by unhealthy behaviours. In her talk, Olivia discussed ways in which the public health community are now turning these interventions on their heads - using them instead to shape healthy behaviour change at a population level, focussing in particular on research conducted by members of TARG which has investigated the effects of glass shape on drinking behaviour and the effects of plain cigarette packaging on attention to health warnings

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