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A summer of public engagement

24 October 2014

Over the last six months, TARG researchers have been busy discussing their research with members of the public at a range of public engagement events.

In May, TARG researchers demonstrated the effect of glass shape on drinking behaviour to adult visitors at the local science museum, At-Bristol. At the ‘After Hours’ event, members of the public were asked to judge the halfway point of three differently shaped glasses (straight, tulip or curved). Live data were collected and it was shown that members of the public found it easier to judge the halfway point on straight as compared with curved glasses.  

At the Green Man Festival in August this year, Olivia Maynard, David Troy and Sarah Griffiths demonstrated TARG’s research on smoking and drinking in the festival’s dedicated science area, ‘Einstein’s Garden’. At their stall entitled ‘A scientist walks into a bar…’, hundreds of festival-goers, young and old were invited to come up to the ‘bar’ and find out how glass shape influences drinking behaviour, see what comes out of a cigarette and take part in a beer-goggles experiment.

TARG researchers set up a stall at Bristol Bright Night in September to discuss tobacco and alcohol research with the public. Attendees were also given the chance to take part in a beer goggles experiment. David Troy presented a short talk in which he described his research into the effect of glass shape on drinking speed.Green Man Festival

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