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Virtual Psychology Postgraduate Research Conference 2020

9 July 2020

On Wednesday, 8th July we hosted our first ever online Postgraduate Research Conference. It was reported that the day was a big success with lots of fantastic research being shared from our students.

A huge well done to all of the students who presented their research:


  • Meg Attwood
  • Jess Armitage
  • Qing Han
  • Ethan Crossfield
  • Dario Fuentes Grandon
  • Veronika Hadjipanayi
  • Marin Dujmovic
  • Bethan Howe
  • Wenting Ye
  • Joe Wilson
  • Shaohang Liu
  • Mark Gibson
  • Chris Moreno-Stokoe
  • Benji Woolf
  • Anca Dobrescu
  • Thea House
  • Laura Schellhas
  • Hugo Hammond
  • Hayley Tseng
  • Geoff Gallagher
  • Laura Ayravainen
  • Milton Llera Montero
  • Greig Dickson
  • Christian Tsevtkov
  • Kristen Westmoreland
  • Yeliz Vural
  • Annika Flynn
  • Jana Lutus
  • Vicky Carlisle
  • Roya Shahrokni
  • Elis Haan
  • Maya Gumussoy


Lastly a big thank you to all those who attended and who helped organise the conference!

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