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Eye-tracking study on paintings

15 August 2019

This study is no longer recruiting for participants, please refer to the main experiments page:

Your task will be to walk around and look at paintings in a gallery while wearing a mobile eye tracker device (similar to a pair of glasses). The eye tracker will monitor your eye movements while looking at paintings and we will use the data to detect differences in how people look at paintings.

This study is completed in 1 session and the session will last 45 minutes. 

To be eligible to take part in this study you must:

  •  Have normal or corrected-to-normal eyesight (<2 dioptres, you cannot wear contact lenses or glasses while you are wearing the eye tracker and looking at paintings comfortably)
  •  Not wear eye mascara or eye shadow on the day of testing
  • Be aged 20-50

Participants will be reimbursed £10.

Further information

The study will take place between 3rd and 8th September at The Island gallery (Nelson St, Bristol, BS1 2LE). Please contact Jasmina ( / +44 (0)7563 113943) if you would like to take part.

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