Language in the Mind and Machine

12 December 2019, 1.00 PM - 12 December 2019, 2.00 PM

Dr Nina Kazanina, School of Psychological Science at the University of Bristol

Senior Common Room, Level 2 (2D17), Priory Road Complex, BS8 1TU


Nina will discuss some fundamental regularities in language, both in the structural domain (e.g. long-distance agreement dependencies) and in those related to interpretation (e.g. restrictions on pronoun coreference). Nina will review how such regularities emerge during language development and how they are incorporated into the process of real-time language comprehension. Nina will then propose specific ways in which one can investigate whether these properties can be learnt by neural networks and compare the network’s learning trajectory to that of the human speaker.

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Coffee and cakes will be available after the seminar.

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