The INTERACT study

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for depression but there is substantial variation in the provision of high intensity treatment. CBT-based computerised interventions were designed to make CBT widely available at low cost. However, engagement with computerised CBT is poor.

We have shown in previous studies that it is clinically and cost-effective to have a therapist deliver CBT online in real-time using instant messaging. Technological advancements make it possible to reduce therapist time and integrate online materials within therapy.

INTERACT is a new 6 year programme of research that will develop and evaluate a new intervention that will integrate the use of online CBT materials with therapist led CBT for depression. It will blend high intensity therapy with innovative use of technology to maintain the effectiveness of face-to- face CBT.

It will increase the general availability of CBT and include groups for whom access is difficult. The novel intervention will be developed so that it can be easily incorporated into existing NHS psychological services within the UK.

Delphi study to identify the most effective components of CBT

We are inviting a panel of experts in the field of psychological interventions to take part in our Delphi study. The aim of this Delphi study is to identify the most effective components of CBT in bringing about clinically helpful change, through a consensus approach.

Experts will be asked to complete a short online survey about their views on the effective components of CBT. After the results from round 1 have been analysed, the panel will be asked to complete a second brief survey, which will include anonymised feedback of summary data from the panel’s responses to the first survey.

Through this process, we hope to arrive at a consensus regarding the most effective components of CBT. The results will be combined with data from a survey of accredited CBT practitioners in the UK and a network meta-analysis to inform the development of the INTERACT intervention.

Delphi study information sheet

Download our INTERACT information sheet for Delphi participants (PDF, 478kB)


For further information, please contact the INTERACT team.

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