MB21 Curriculum Review

September 2017 saw the start of the phased introduction of MB21, a new undergraduate curriculum for Bristol medical students. The aim of the Curriculum Review is to enhance and augment an already effective undergraduate medical curriculum, building on areas of strength and innovation to ensure that we have an integrated, dynamic, challenging curriculum producing doctors with intellectual depth, and the flexibility, resilience and integrity to respond to the challenges of the 21st century and global healthcare environments.

How will it affect primary care?

The amount of teaching delivered in the community is increasing significantly with MB21, from around 10% of the undergraduate curriculum at present, to around 30% by 2021. Now is the perfect time to get involved in undergraduate teaching. 

Find out more about MB21 in the video below:


A comparison of the proposed changes between MB16 and MB21


Year MB16 MB21
1 (Sept 2017) 8 sessions 7 or 8 sessions as a group of 4-6 students
2 (Sept 2018) 4 sessions 6 sessions as a group of 4-6 students
3 (Sept 2019) 8 sessions 32 sessions as a group of 6 students. One day in practice per week, 8 days per placement, two placements per year.
4 (Sept 2020) 30 sessions 72 sessions, pair of students. One day per week in practice, every Wednesday, 2x18 week placements (on Wednesdays), one placement in Academy 1, one in Academy 2.
5 (Sept 2021) 18 sessions 36 sessions until 2021 then 72 sessions as continuous 9 week community block. 
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