Multimorbidity search tool for EMIS practices

A tool for general practices, and researchers working with those practices, to identify patients with multimorbidity

There is growing awareness of the importance of identifying patients with multimorbidity:

  • in general practice, this may be to offer them a different kind of care
  • in research, this may be to identify them as eligible for a particular study or to highlight multimorbidity as an important variable relating to outcomes.

Although routine general practice records can be used to identify patients who have a specific condition, there is no simple way to identify people who have multimorbidity. This tool aims to address this.

What the tool does

This tool will help GPs using EMIS identify patients with multimorbidity (those with two or more long-term conditions) and calculate a multimorbidity score.

How it works

The tool includes a set of instructions describing the use of a search routine for the EMIS computer system to generate a report containing anonymised demographic details of each patient in the practice with information on whether or not they have any of the major chronic conditions included in the Quality and Outcomes Framework.

The output from this report can be copied into an Excel spreadsheet (also provided) which calculates the number of conditions for each patient and a binary variable for multimorbidity.

Download the tool

NB: By downloading the tool (search instructions, EMIS data extraction xml file, and Excel spreadsheet for calculating a multimorbidity score), you are agreeing to its use under the terms of the Multimorbidity Tool User Licence (PDF, 72kB). 

Multimorbidity Tool Instructions (PDF, 235kB)

Patient characteristics - EMIS data extraction file (XML)

Excel spreadsheet for calculating a multimorbidity score

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