Bristol Poverty Institute Conference 2021


Bristol Poverty Institute presents

Poverty and the Sustainable Development Goals: From the Local to the Global

The Sixth Peter Townsend Memorial Conference

27-29 April 2021 (online) 


This three-day international, interdisciplinary online conference attracted a broad audience, from the public, private, and civil sectors alongside academics from across the globe at all career stages from PhD researchers to world-renowned professors. The conference was broadly framed around how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can help to reduce poverty. These goals provide a blueprint to help all countries around the world to work together to achieve a better and more sustainable future, free from the scourge of poverty.

Our fantastic interdisciplinary programme for this conference brought together a wide range of speakers and participants from over thirty countries, bringing different theoretical, methodological, and disciplinary approaches to the analysis and eradication of poverty. The conference was structured around six broad thematic sessions aligning with the Bristol Poverty Institute’s areas of research focus. Each session cuts across at least two of the SDGs and, in some cases, many more.

The programme is available to download here: Final BPI Conference Programme 2021 (PDF, 485kB)

And we are delighted to offer you the presentation slides and video recordings of sessions across the three days, featuring formal presentations, interactive Q&As, networking opportunities and much more.

Slide presentations and Video recordings arranged by days are available below as follows:

BPI Conference Day 1:  AM - Multidimensional Poverty /  PM - Child Health and Development

BPI Conference Day 2:  AM - Livelihoods and Debt  /  PM - Food and Nutrition

BPI Conference Day 3:  AM - Engaging with Policy and Practice  /  PM - Education and Building Back Fairer

Throughout the conference our fantastic scribe captured visual minutes, summarising the key messages and discussion points:

Illustrator, BPI Conf21 Web version - themes of conferenceFor more information please visit our website

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