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National Burns Awareness Day is back on the 18th October 2017

12 October 2017

It is the BBA National Burns Awareness Day on 18th October 2017

The Bristol Burns Team will be hosting a stand at Yate Shopping Centre (BS37 4AP) on Wednesday 18th October 2017 to highlight the British Burn Assocation National Burns Awareness Day. Come by and say hello!


Children are especially vulnerable to burns and scalds as their skin is thinner and therefore burns quicker. Whilst deaths are rare burns and scalds remain a cause of a high number of hospital admissions among children. Preventing these injuries is extremely important. PHE & CAPT (2017) report that the highest number of burns and scalds among children are due to hot drinks, a hot drink can still burn a child's sensitive skin 15 minutes after being made.



Please join in, share the campaign with colleagues, inform families and help keep children safe!


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