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British Burns Association Annual Meeting 3rd to 5th May 2017

3 February 2017

The Children's Burns Research Centre team are well represented at this year's BBA in London

All three themes have oral presentations and posters this year as follows:

Oral Presentations

  • How is burn wound infection defined and measured in studies testing innovations to prevent, detect or treat infection? A systematic review (Anna Davies)
  • Volatile analysis of wound associated bacteria by Selected Ion Flow Tube – Mass Spectrometry (Elisabeth Slade)
  • Developing the CARe Burns Scales: patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) assessing physical and psychosocial wellbeing in UK burn care (Ella Guest)
  • Learn About Burns: A School Based Burns Prevention and First-Aid Program – Qualitative Results from a Feasibility Study (Harriet Quinn-Scoggins)
  • How do we swab and how should we swab? An analysis of swab technique (Ines Clement)
  • Developing support services for parents of burn-injured children: Novel ideas based on parents experiences and opinions about peer support (Jennifer Heath)
  • Investigating Inequalities in Paediatric Burn Injuries in England: Findings from Analyses of Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES) data from 2009-2015 (Moses Ikpeme)


  • Views and experiences of gypsy and traveller mothers on burn and scald prevention (Dave Rea)
  • Patients' views on medical photography (Akshitha Kesharaju)
  • How can we improve the effectiveness of distraction in the paediatric burns service? (Chloe Wilson)
  • Hyperspectral imaging in burn depth assessment (Jack Whiting)
  • Recruitment to an NIHR feasibility study; challenges, learning and outcomes SILKIE (Susan George)

The British Burn Association (BBA) will be held on the 3rd - 5th May 2017 at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. We hope to see many of you there!

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