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Opportunity: apply for UKRI's policy internship scheme

9 July 2019

The Policy Internships Scheme, from UKRI (UK Research and Innovation), provides the opportunity for doctoral students funded by the research councils of UK Research and Innovation to work for three months in one of a selected group of highly influential policy organisations. The new scheme has now launched.

What is it?

The UKRI Policy Internships Scheme enables current doctoral students to work at host partner organisations on one or more policy topics relevant to both the student and the host.

Who is it for?

Doctoral students funded by the research councils of UK Research and Innovation.

Supervisors - this is a great opportunity for you to benefit from up to date policy contacts and intelligence, and embed relationships. Get in touch if you have any questions. 

What does it involve?

A three-month placement at a prestigious policy organisation, working on a topic related to your research. 

Internships are available with a number of parliamentary departments, government departments and non-governmental bodies, learned societies and other organisations - London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Bristol and elsewhere. (See full list of organisations and placement topics)

The student will be expected to produce at least one briefing paper, participate in a policy inquiry and/or organise a policy event, or equivalent piece of work. (See examples of previous work)

Internships will take place during 2020 and students must be able to start their internship before the end of their funded period of study.

Why should I apply?

You will gain firsthand experience of how research can contribute to the heart of policymaking, and learn a wide range of skills which you are unlikely to find in a lab.

You will build your networks, gain new contacts of potential research users and funders, and bring vital research context and policy intelligence back to inform both your research and your department.

Application success rate is approximately 47% - so why not give it a go!

Where can I find out more? 

All the details of the scheme are on the UKRI website. Check eligibility and funding requirements here.

 How do I apply?

Applicants should complete the online application form, and upload two documents as part of their application:

  1. a signed funding and permissions form 
  2. a policy briefing.

You must get supervisor permission and agreement from your training grant holder (i.e.  DTC/DTP Director or Manager). Contact your supervisor and your DTC/DTPas early as possible.

Deadline: 12th August 2019 (4pm)

Where can I get application support?

PolicyBristol can provide some light-touch guidance on writing a policy briefing. Contact us if you have any questions about this aspect of the application. 

For questions about timing, eligibility or funding, read the detailed guidance and contact your training grant holder. 

Good luck - if you are successful let us know!

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