Parliamentary engagement for Historians

4 February 2020, 2.00 PM - 4 February 2020, 5.00 PM

Andrew Blick, Kings College London and History&Policy

G.01 1-5 Whiteladies Rd

This training session will introduce the workings of parliamentary Select Committee Inquiries and their open calls for submissions, and is led by Dr Andrew Blick (King's College London, H&P) who has given evidence to several Inquiries and was previously an adviser to the House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Committee in its inquiry into the possibility of a written constitution for the UK (2010-15). A group discussion will encourage historians to think about how their knowledge might intersect with the many open calls up and running at any one time, and a group exercise will focus on a few current open calls. Parliamentary Select Committees are self-evidently a very Westminster-centric way of interacting with policy makers – but we also find the session encourages creative thought about the applicability of historians’ work generally.

The session is open to all levels, and we think historians who are relatively new to thinking about the policy applications of their work will particularly benefit.

All colleagues whose work includes a historical perspective are welcome to attend.

The session will last approximately 2 hours, with time for 1:1 discussions at the end of the session.

Outline of the session:

• Introduction from PolicyBristol

• Overview of Parliament and opportunities for engagement

• Group work: planning a response to a committee enquiry

• Conclusions/ next steps

• 1:1s

Please contact Lindsey Pike/ Emily Crick on if you would like to book in a 1:1 session with History&Policy colleagues to discuss your work.

Access info: this room is wheelchair accessible

About History & Policy: History & Policy is an expanding Partnership based at King's College London and the University of Cambridge, and additionally supported by the University of Bristol, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Leeds, the Open University, and the University of Sheffield. We are the only project in the UK providing access to an international network of more than 500 historians with a broad range of expertise. H&P offers a range of resources for historians, policy makers and journalists.

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