Group research areas

Quantum Communication and Networks

We focus on quantum entanglement as the main route to quantum communications that are able to exceed the powers of existing classical techniques. A major research interest is Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) which was developed in partnership with Nokia.

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Quantum Sensing and Metrology

Precision measurements are critical to quantum research. We are interested in optical phase measurements, to measure distance, position, acceleration, and optical path length. This will help create new high-precision measurement applications.

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Quantum Information and Computation

Quantum computers will harness quantum physics in their operation to deliver exponentially greater computational power for important tasks that include pattern recognition, face recognition and machine learning in big data.

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Selected publications

Quantum walks of correlated photon pairs in two-dimensional waveguide arrays./K Poulios, R Keil, D Fry, JDA Meinecke, JCF Matthews, A Politi, M Lobino, M Gräfe, M Heinrich, S Nolte, A Szameit, JL O’Brien

On-chip quantum interference between silicon photon-pair sources. /JW Silverstone, D Bonneau, K Ohira, N Suzuki, H Yoshida, N Iizuka, M Ezaki, CM Natarajan, MG Tanner, RH Hadfield, V Zwiller, GD Marshall, JG Rarity, JL O'Brien, MG Thompson

Photon pair generation in a silicon micro-ring resonator with reverse bias enhancement. /E Engin, D Bonneau, CM Natarajan, AS Clark, MG Tanner, RH Hadfield, SN Dorenbos, V Zwiller, K Ohira, N Suzuki, H Yoshida, N Iizuka, M Ezaki, JL O’Brien, MG Thompson

A Quantum Delayed-Choice Experiment. / Peruzzo, A., Shadbolt, P., Brunner, N., Popescu, S.; O'Brien, J. L.

Experimental realization of Shor’s quantum factoring algorithm using qubit recycling. / Martin-Lopez, E.; Laing, A.; Lawson, T. M.; Alvarez, R.; Zhou, X-Q.; O'Brien, J. L.

Quantum walks of correlated photons. / Peruzzo, A.; Lobino, M.; Matthews, J. C. F.; Matsuda, N.; Politi, A.; Poulios, K.; Zhou, X-Q.; Ismail, N.; Worhoff, K.; Lahini, Y.; Bromberg, Y.; Silberberg, Y.; Thompson, M. G.; O'Brien, J. L.

Interfacing Spins in an InGaAs Quantum Dot to a Semiconductor Waveguide Circuit Using Emitted Photons. / J. Luxmoore, Isaac; A. Wasley, Nicholas; J. Ramsay, Andrew; C. T. Thijssen, Arthur; Oulton, Ruth; Hugues, Maxime; Kasture, Sachin; V. Gopal, Achanta; Mark Fox, A.; S. Skolnick, Maurice.

Multimode quantum interference of photons in multiport integrated devices. / Peruzzo, A.; Laing, A.; Politi, A.; Rudolph, T.; O'Brien, J. L.

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