The Center for Device Thermography and Reliability is a fantastic research community with more than 20 members of research staff and postgraduate students. To find out about the research interests of a member of research staff or one of our PhD students search for their profile in the directories below.



Information on the centre's academic staff, postdoctoral researchers, visiting staff and support staff can be found here. Each staff member's profile gives a summary of their research and their contact details. 


Information on the center's current PhD students can be found here. Each student's profile details their including research interests, publications and contact details.


Our alumni have gone on to work in both industry and research, in institutions and companies across the globe. You can find out information about the center's alumni, their careers and where they are now here.

Want to join us

The center is always looking for enthusiastic PhD students, summer students and outstanding postdoctoral researchers, you can find out what opportunities are available here.
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