Why choose Bristol?

Researchers and students at Bristol are involved in cutting-edge research in areas such as particle physics and quantum photonics, and in international collaborations such as the LHC.

Teaching is exceptionally well provided for, with more than 15 new lecturers appointed in recent years.

You will be taught in a world class research environment by specialists working in many different fields across the discipline.

What our students say:


I started studying Physics at Bristol in September 2013, somewhat apprehensive, having only changed my mind to do Physics rather than Engineering in the past year. Within a week however, I knew I'd made the right choice: the modules we studied were interesting (even at 5 O'Clock on a Friday afternoon!) and even labs, something I had dreaded doing, turned out to be doable, and after some time, even likeable!

I also chose to take the four year MSci degree, with the intention of studying my third year abroad in Germany.

I've always wanted to study in a foreign country, and so when the opportunity came up to study German alongside my other Physics modules, I went for it! For the course, I have a few extra seminars each week (all in German, of course!) and from that, I can then have my third year abroad. I love living in Bristol, but having the opportunity to live and study in a different country for a year is something I absolutely cannot wait for!

Astrid Blee (MSci Physics with Study in Continental Europe)

I am part of the Nanophysics and Soft Matter group and my PhD research focuses on developing new optical methods for detecting metallic nanoparticles. The technique I am trying to develop creates contrast by selecting certain polarisations of light that are scattered by both biological and metallic objects. This may have a potential application in the biological sciences.

What I find amazing about my research is its interdisciplinary nature which allows me to work with researchers that have backgrounds in Chemistry, Biology, Medical Physics, and Medicine.

Bristol is a fantastic city and the School of Physics and the Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information are excellent and supportive communities to study within, making for a very enjoyable PhD experience.

Ben Miles (PhD by research)

Studying in Bristol is an amazing experience. The university is one of the best in the country with excellent facilities which offer us a wide range of opportunities. However, what makes the experience special is the friendly environment - not only around the campus but generally in the city. This city will reward anyone that chooses to study here. No matter your tastes there is something for you to do in Bristol.

What sets the School of Physics in Bristol apart is the friendly academic staff and the huge number of research opportunities. It is important to be able to apply what you are taught in lectures, so a significant amount of our time here is spent in high technology laboratories making studying here even more interesting.

I moved from Cyprus to the UK. It can be hard at the beginning to adapt to a new culture but there are so many opportunities here that it is worth taking the risk. Personally I now consider Bristol a home, not just the place I am studying.

Elena Tsolaki (BSc Physics)

I am a 4th year astrophysics PhD student working on distant galaxy clusters. Galaxies are not evenly spread throughout the universe and due to gravity some cluster together in large structures. I use data from telescopes across the globe, such as the 8m VLT in Chile, to search for these distant groups of galaxies and to learn about how and when they came together.

As a PhD student I have had the opportunity to travel to telescopes in Chile and Hawaii well as attend international meetings and conferences. This has allowed me to meet many other astronomers and build up contacts for the future.

Bristol is a lively and interesting city to live in with many events going on at the weekends. Not only that, it's close to the countryside so it's easy to escape if you want to - for example you could cycle to Wales for the day. Finally all the sports and societies here in Bristol are open to postgrads as well.

Kate Husband (PhD by research)

Out of everything I love about Bristol, the thing I love most is the people.

Despite the stereotype, my physics friends are some of the most sociable people I know, and I've made friends here who I know I'll be friends with for the rest of my life. In addition to going together to events organized by CHAOS (the aptly named physics society), my friends and I often arrange our own evenings watching films or going to the pub. We all have great fun, and it's a good way to relax and distract ourselves from work.

When it comes to studying, everyone supports one another, and if I get stuck on a problem I know I have friends who I can ask for help. It's a great environment to work in, and I know I wouldn't be doing as well as I am if it weren't for all my fantastic friends backing me up!

Thomas Hancock (MSci Physics)
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