Plenary lecture: Prof. Bruce Hood: "The domesticated brain: how the social environment turned us into children"

The human brain increased in size over the course of our evolution in response to increasing social complexity. At the end of the last ice age around 20,000 years ago, it began to shrink - why? In this lecture, Bruce introduces the concept of domestication and how this may have contributed to the significant change in our brain and behaviour.

Doctor Suzanne Held: Studying Animal Cognition

Prof. Stafford Lightman: Importance of rhythm for stress and the brain

Doctor Ulrich Bartsch: Laser-guided dreams

Professor Seth Love: Brain banking and dementia research

Doctor Nina Kazanina: The listening brain

Dr. Nadia Cerminara: Cerebellum: the Cindarella of the brain

Professor Kei Cho: A smart challenge of dementia

Professor Liz Coulthard: Making and maintaining memories

Dr Meryem Grabski: How tobacco withdrawal influences cognition

Doctor Kathreena Kurian: What's new in brain tumour research

Professor Graeme Henderson: Legal Highs

Doctor Evie Stergiakouli: Genes, environment and mental health in childhood

Doctor Emma Robinson: Using animals to understand mental health

Professor Clea Warburton: I know that face! How the brain recognises familiar stimuli

Doctor Bryony Wood (CRIC): Alzheimer's disease, unravelling the mystery

Doctor Angela Rowe: Why break-ups make you reach for the ice cream

Doctor Alan Whone: Mending brains with Parkinson's disease

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