About Bristol Neuroscience

Bristol Neuroscience is supported by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research, one of the University of Bristol's five University Research Institutes

Neuroscience is a highly dynamic field of research; BN constantly evolves in response to the changing needs and developments of the neuroscience community it serves.

Bristol Neuroscience (BN) was founded by the University of Bristol in 2003 to ensure that all neuroscientists in Bristol could benefit from the wide cross-disciplinary expertise and facilities in the University and its partner hospitals.

BN has since become a model for other cities across the UK; sister 'City Neuroscience' schemes now exist at Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Oxford, UCL - and beyond.

Bristol Neuroscience -

  • Promotes interdisciplinary dialogue and research
  • Identifies and supports new research opportunities
  • Enables the large local neuroscience community to make strategic plans for the future
  • Has a strong committment to engaging the wider community in neuroscience research and medicine
  • Represents local neuroscience to external bodies, such as industry, funders, and other Universities
  • Provides a single point of contact for anyone interested in neuroscience -  students, researchers, journalists, patients, carers and the general public

Bringing benefit to society through neuroscience research

Understanding the brain is one of the major intellectual challenges of the 21st century. This challenge is the focus of Bristol Neuroscience. 

Our vision is to conduct research that will bring wide-ranging and far-reaching benefits to the individual and across society. We-

  • maintain an international reputation for research excellence
  • bridge disciplinary and institutional boundaries
  • are informed by the latest advances in clinical and fundamental science
  • exploit cutting-edge methods, facilities and techniques
  • bring long-term benefit to health, education, technology and society as a whole
  • train the next generation of world-class neuroscientists
  • work to fully engage wider society with our work
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