Statistical Methods for Mediation Analysis

Provisional in-person short course

This course aims to provide an understanding of the statistical principles behind, and the practical application of, mediation analyses in epidemiology.

Course date 10 - 11 June 2021
Course fee £440
Course Organisers Professor Laura Howe, Dr Jon Heron & Dr Gemma Hammerton


Please ensure you meet the following prerequisites before booking:

Knowledge Participants should have knowledge of regression analyses and their implementation in Stata of at least the level achieved in the Introduction to Linear and Logistic Regression Models short course.

Course format

This 2 day course will take place in person and consist of approximately 14.5 hours of teaching (including a mixture of lectures and practical sessions). Registration will start at 9am on the first day, the course will finish by 4pm on the final day.

Course objectives

  1. To be aware of traditional and counterfactual approaches to mediation analysis and the assumptions underlying these methods;
  2. To have a working knowledge of the Stata commands to run models for traditional and counterfactual approaches to mediation analysis;
  3. To understand mediation analysis in the presence of exposure-mediator interaction;
  4. To be aware of methods to incorporate multiple mediators and intermediate confounders;
  5. To have a working knowledge of the Stata commands to run models with multiple mediators or intermediate confounders.

Who the course is intended for

This course is intended for medical statisticians, and epidemiologists with a quantitative background and knowledge of linear and logistic regression.

Course outline

1. Review and critique traditional methods for mediation analyses.
2. Describe counterfactual-based approaches to mediation analysis.
3. Describe mediation analysis in the presence of exposure-mediator interactions.
4. Review traditional and counterfactual methods to incorporate multiple mediators.
5. Introduce counterfactual methods to incorporate intermediate confounders.

Recommended reading

Aitken, Z., Simpson, J.A., Gurrin, L., Bentley, R. & Kavanagh, A.M., 2018. Do material, psychosocial and behavioural factors mediate the relationship between disability acquisition and mental health? A sequential causal mediation analysis. International journal of epidemiology, 47(3), pp.829-840.

In-Person Course Bookings

Subject to developments with the coronavirus pandemic, we have tentative plans to run in-person courses towards the end of our 2020-21 programme. 

Bookings will provisionally open in Spring 2021. Join our mailing list to be notified when bookings open.

It was an excellent and interesting course, and the teaching style was great.

Course feedback, July 2019

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