Questionnaire Design, Application and Data Interpretation

An online short course

This course aims to provide a theoretical and practical introduction to questionnaire design, application and data interpretation.

Course date 28 - 30 April 2021
Course fee £660
Course Organisers Rhiannon Macefield, Dr Jeremy Horwood & Dr Kerry Avery

Course format

We envisage teaching to be a mix of live and pre-recorded lectures, live Q&A, practical tasks that can be completed in participants own time. Likely time commitment to be approximately 5-6 hours per day.

Course objectives

By the end of the course participants will understand:

  1. the key aspects of questionnaire design including developing and evaluating a scale using qualitative and quantitative approaches;
  2. administering questionnaires and maximising response rates across a range of health care settings;
  3. handling questionnaire data; and
  4. exploring and interpreting qualitative and quantitative questionnaire data.

Who the course is intended for

The course is intended for researchers, public health specialists, clinicians and other health care professionals who want to design and/or use questionnaires in a health care setting, or understand the processes involved in questionnaire design, application and interpretation.

Course outline

  1. Questionnaire construction:using qualitative methods to inform content and design, developing concepts to be measured, question type, wording and layout, piloting, electronic questionnaires.
  2. Using qualitative and quantitative methods to assess the reliability of scales, validity and sensitivity to change, and interpreting multi-item scales.
  3. Questionnaire application: choosing a questionnaire, maximising response rates, case histories.
  4. Using different technologies for questionnaire administration.
  5. Direct data entry methods.
  6. Qualitative analysis of open responses.
  7. Quantitative data management, data coding, cleaning and exploratory analyses.

Online Course Bookings

Bookings are open for online courses running in 2021.

I enjoyed the use of examples as it really helps you to understand. It was also helpful to critically review other surveys.

Course feedback, March 2019

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We may need to make responsive changes to our courses at short notice in order to follow the latest Public Health, Government and University guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19).

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