Introduction to Stata

An online short course

This course aims to introduce the statistical software package Stata, including its use for data management and data exploration.

Course date 3 - 5 March 2021
Course fee £440
Course Organisers Sarah Sullivan & Grace Young


Please ensure you meet the following prerequisites before booking:

Software You must have Stata (version 14 or later)* installed in advance of the course. Please note that older versions may be OK, but you should recognise that older versions may have slightly different functionalities. 
*Internal University of Bristol participants will be provided with access to Stata version 16 on the first day of the course.

We recommend the use of 2 screens if possible.

Course format

Sessions will be live with practical sessions throughout the course. The course will run 10-4 over 3 days.

Course objectives

  1. Find help about a given topic or command;
  2. explore a dataset in a number of ways;
  3. add labels to a dataset to make it self-documenting;
  4. recode variables and derive new variables from existing ones;
  5. reorganize and simplify a dataset and deal with missing values;
  6. input data from a variety of sources;
  7. combine two or more datasets;
  8. produce summary statistics, tables and graphs;
  9. keep a record of their work and ensure it is reproducible;
  10. deal with dates (optional).

Who the course is intended for

This course is intended for people who are just starting off managing data and conducting simple descriptive statistics.

Course outline

This course will give an overview of basic Stata syntax to enable the user to manage and manipulate data and produce summary statistics and graphs.

Online Course Bookings

Bookings are open for online courses running in 2021.

The course was excellent. I particularly liked the handbook which I think will be a valuable reference resource.

Course feedback, November 2019

The course was really well paced. It's great that it's for complete beginners and doesn't assume any prior knowledge. The tutors were friendly and approachable, and are clearly experts in the software.

Course feedback, November 2018

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We may need to make responsive changes to our courses at short notice in order to follow the latest Public Health, Government and University guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19).

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