Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

An online short course

This course aims to give an overview and introduction to the major qualitative research methods based in the social sciences as used in health services, public health and other health-related research.

Course date 17 - 21 May 2021
Course fee £1,100
Course Organisers Dr Leila Rooshenas & Dr Lucy Biddle

Course format

The course will run online in 2021. It will comprise a series of live and pre-recorded lectures/materials, complemented by informal small and large group practical activities and discussions conducted via Blackboard Collaborate. This is a 5-day course, with each day requiring around 5 hours of activity.

Course objectives

By the end of the course, attendees should be able to:

  1. appreciate the importance of qualitative research methods in the study of health, illness, and health services and systems;
  2. understand how to identify when a research topic requires qualitative research methods, and be able to select the most appropriate methods to answer the particular research question;
  3. practise the skills required to conduct in-depth interviews, facilitate focus groups, and undertake observation and/or ethnographic research;
  4. begin to analyse qualitative data;
  5. know how to employ qualitative research methods alongside other methods in health research.

Who the course is intended for

The course is open to anyone who would like to understand the use of these methods or begin to learn how to use them.

Attendees do not need to have any previous background in or knowledge of qualitative research methods, although some experience of or ideas for a health-related research project using qualitative approaches would make the course more relevant.

Course outline

This course is intended to give an overview and hands-on introduction to qualitative research methods, as used in the social sciences and health-related research. Methods introduced include individual interviews, focus groups and participant observation, as well as research design, ethical issues, data analysis, mixing qualitative and quantitative methods and writing up findings for publication.

Day 1 introduces Qualitative Research and Interviewing techniques.
Day 2 covers Study Design (including qualitative sampling) and Focus Groups.
Day 3 focuses on Ethnographic and Observational Methods.
Day 4 covers Data Analysis (including coding, thematic analysis and computer-assisted qualitative data analysis).
Day 5 considers Mixing and Integrating Methods, Writing up research findings for publication, and scoping Project Designs in a Structured Workshop

Online Course Bookings

Bookings are open for online courses running in 2021.

By far the most useful course I've attended during my time at University. I learned so much during the 5 days and feel more confident about by project.

Course feedback, March 2019

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