Links to pre-clinical material

The following lecture slides are for UoB access only.

Please email if you are UoB student or staff but cannot access these resources.

  1. Introduction to clinical aspects of psychiatry – Dr Jan Melichar
  2. The limbic system – Dr Clea Warburton
  3. Stress and the HPA axis – Professor Sally Lawson
  4. Anxiolytic drugs – Dr Steve Fitzjohn
  5. Anti-depressant drugs – Dr Emma Robinson
  6. Anti-psychotic drugs – Dr Emma Robinson
  7. Cognitive enhancement drugs – Dr Emma Robinson
  8. Memory – Dr Clea Warburton
  9. Introduction to dementia - Professor Elek Molnar
  10. Social and practical aspects of dementia – Ms Katy Berwick
  11. Neuropathology of dementia - Professor Seth Love
  12. Emerging treatment strategies for dementia – Dr Mike Ashby
  13. Drug abuse, pharmacology of ethanol and nicotine, tolerance and dependence – Professor Graeme Henderson
  14. Drug tolerence and dependence, substance abuse - Dr Emma Robinson
  15. Alcoholic related liver disease – Dr Ashwin Dhanda
  16. Ethics and reproduction – Dr Zuzana Deans
  17. Society health and medicine lectures via Blackboard
  18. Ethics and law in medicine lectures via Blackboard