Welcome to Psychiatry

Welcome to the Psychiatry attachment, which we hope you will find both stimulating and enjoyable! 

Psychiatry involves the assessment and treatment of mental disorders.  Psychiatrists and the multidisciplinary team aim to optimize management plans using a holistic integrated model. Psychiatrists provide a medical differential diagnosis, treatment planning and multiple therapeutic and health enhancing interventions.  Above all, the development of a caring and therapeutic relationship with patients and learning to have respect for their beliefs and values are essential for the practice of Psychiatry, and you will be focusing on this during your clinical attachment.  Knowledge of Psychiatry is relevant in ALL medical practice and your learning during this unit will be invaluable to you in any area of clinical medicine.  By developing your knowledge, skills and attitudes in this attachment you will be greatly enhancing your attributes as a clinician of the future - whether in Psychiatry or another branch of Medicine.

Watch three short films from your Psychiatry tutors. Dr John Potokar begins with a introduction to how Psychiatry has changed with the shift to online and remote teaching. Next, Dr Nicola Taylor discuss wellbeing and offers tips on how to manage your experiences during your psychiatry unit. Finally, Dr Potokar gives a general introduction to Psychiatry.

Many people have contributed to the development of this course and we would like to thank all of the site tutors and educational supervisors and other colleagues for their input. We would also like to thank Adam Trist, Russell Machin, Anna Taylor, Dane Rayment and Tristan Potokar for their help with the Hippocrates materials.

The psychiatry web pages and learning material have been developed in partnership with the Faculty of Health Sciences TEL team.