Welcome to the Pathology Unit. This is a joint unit that combines Clinical Biochemistry, Cellular Pathology, Haematology and Microbiology teaching.

Read an overview of the Pathology course. Detailed aims and objectives for each individual lectures are included in the Unit handbook on Blackboard. During our placement with us you will explore etiology and presentation of some of the most common medical conditions, and you will recognize what pathology tests are the most appropriate to support your diagnostic process. You will learn from numerous teachers in many different clinical environments including microbiology and histopathology laboratories, outpatient clinics, wards, day case units and mortuaries.

There will be 3 weeks of core teaching based at University followed by 6 weeks of academy placement, where all your practicals will take place. To prepare for the core teaching and for the interactive sessions you will need to complete specific online e-tutorials and revision sessions, accessed via Hippocrates. Some of these e-learning have been added to your core teaching timetable.

Student e-learning resources

Histopathology e-learning resources

Immunology tutorials

To revise the Immunology covered in Year 1 (Element 8 of MCBoM), look again at the following list of lectures. 

Biochemistry tutorials

Haematology tutorials

Histopathology tutorials

Microbiology tutorials