Ethics and Law element

Welcome to the Ethics element of the Pathology and Ethics unit.

You can access an overview of the ethics element here, and detailed aims and objectives can be found in the Unit handbook on Blackboard

The aim of the ethics and law teaching in Year 3 is to furnish you with sufficient knowledge and understanding of ethical and legal principles around consent and research to be able to recognise ethical and legal issues in practice, make an ethically and legally defensible decision about how to resolve them, and articulate your reasons.  The emphasis is on (i) the application of clinical skills and knowledge in making ethically and legally sound clinical decisions, and (ii) the application of ethical theory and analysis to real-world clinical dilemmas.  To this end you will not only build on what you learned in the ethics and law teaching from Years 1 and 2, but also acquire new knowledge and a greater understanding of ethics and law in clinical practice. 

The ethics element comprises three core tutorials delivered in your Academies, and two online refresher tutorials going over material learned in Years 1 and 2.  There is also available an online tutorial on how to write an essay.  Teaching is delivered in four blocks, alongside teaching in pathology, the dates for which can be found in the element handbook on Blackboard.

In this section of Hippocrates you will find material which has been designed to support the ethics and law teaching you will receive in your academies.