Heilbronn: Distinguished Lecture Series 2016

16 March 2016, 4.30 PM - 17 March 2016, 5.30 PM

Peter Sarnak

Lecture Theatres 2 and 3, Chemistry Building

The 2016 Distinguished Lecture Series will be given by Peter Sarnak of IAS.

The talks will be held over three days, in the theme of strong approximation: 

Tuesday 15th March - 16.30, LT2 followed by wine reception in the Chemistry Foyer from 17.30

Title: Strong Approximation for Integral Quadratic Forms and
Applications to Optimal Universal Quantum Gates.

Wednesday 16th March - 16.30, LT2 (preceded by coffee in the foyer from 16.00)

Title: Strong Approximation for Thin Matrix Groups and
Diophantine Applications.
Thursday 17th March- 16.30, LT3 (preceded by coffee in the foyer from 16.00) 
Title: Strong Approximation for integral points on Markoff surfaces
and Markoff numbers .

Support for travel for UK PhD students is available.

Please contact heilbronn-coordinator@bristol.ac.uk with any requests by 29th February 2016.

Funding for Child Care:

We are pleased to announce that we are able to award funding to support child care costs for dependents under the age of 14. Please contact heilbronn-coordinator@bristol.ac.uk for further details.

This event is organised in collaboration with the University of Bristol.   

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Tim Browning

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