Journal title abbreviations

References listed in books or journal articles, and those given in reading lists, can often be difficult to understand.

One problem you may encounter is with the use of journal titles abbreviations, which are often cited in abbreviated format. There may be standard journal title abbreviations recognised in your field. Details may be available in the subject resources & support option for your subject on this website or via Journal Abbreviation Sources. Do not use abbreviations which will be difficult for a reader to understand. When in doubt, use the full title.

In the Arts & Social Sciences Library two printed sources that may help you decipher abbreviated journal titles are:

  • Internationale Titelabkürzungen = International title abbreviations, [comp. by] Otto Leistner, 10th ed., 3 vol. (Osnabrück 2005)
    Arts & Social Sciences Library at Oversize Z 6945.A2 LEI
  • Periodical title abbreviations: by abbreviation (Vol. 1), ed., Leland G Alkire, 13th ed. (Detroit 2001)
    Arts & Social Sciences Library at Oversize Z 6945.A2 PER or Queens Building Library at Oversize Ref. Z 6945.A2 PER

Library staff, and in particular your subject contact in the Library, are expert at deciphering literature references and can also advise on quoting references.