Information literacy checklist

You will be expected to research information to write assignments. Knowledge of how to do this efficiently is essential.

Read the following statements and follow the action list below if you can't answer yes to all the questions.

Can you…

  • understand what sort of information is required
  • recognise where and how that information can be found, and develop an effective strategy for obtaining it
  • use a variety of specialist online and printed resources – not just Google and the library catalogue – to find the information you need
  • compare and evaluate the information obtained from different sources
  • use the information ethically by understanding and avoiding plagiarism – for example, by citing your sources correctly

If you can't answer yes to all of the above:

You should learn the basics of Information Literacy:


1. By self-study before or after starting your course:

You can start by watching and listening to the information literacy video tutorials which cover topics including the library catalogue, accessing resources off-campus, and understanding references on your reading list.


2. By attending a taught course during the first few months of term:

If you don’t attend one of the pre-booked courses given by the subject librarian for your department then contact your subject librarian for details of the next available session.


When you are familiar with the basics of Information Literacy, look out for more skills development opportunities from your subject librarian.