Engineering mathematics resources

Location of print resources

Most of the print resources for your subject are found in the Queen's Building Library.  Use Library Search to find the classmark for an item, and to search for books and other materials.

A printed version of the classmark scheme is available in the Library at the Information Display.

You can also find useful material in in the Biological Sciences Library, Chemistry Library, Medical Library, and Physics Library.

  • Past exam papers: three years' worth of papers are held near the photocopiers
  • Theses
    • PhD - all are kept, please ask a member of staff on how to obtain these
    • MSc - most are kept in the Lower Reading Room
    • UG reports - most are kept in the Lower Reading Room
  • Special collections: most rare books in engineering, including the Brunel and Pugsley collections, are held in Special Collections, in the Arts and Social Sciences Library

Digital resources

Engineering mathematics databases

Subject support

Get expert advice and support from your subject librarian.

Support for members of academic teaching staff, who would like to create an online resource list for their course unit.

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