Key subject resources

  • Analytical abstracts (Analytical WebBAse) - a database of articles covering analytical science, from a wide range of sources, 1980 to the present day.
  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics - a searchable online version of the popular databook containing a wide range of scientific data. The link "Substance/Property Search" gives access to the powerful search facilities available whilst the "Text Search" is for basic text searching.
  • Reaxys - a database for the retrieval of chemical information and data from published literature, including journals and patents. Covers chemical compounds, chemical reactions, chemical properties, related bibliographic data, substance data, etc.
  • SciFinder - online equivalent of Chemical Abstracts, covering all aspects of Chemistry, Chemical Physics, and Biochemistry from 1907 to date, together with over 68 million chemical substances, and containing abstracts, journal articles, patents, conference papers, reports, dissertations and books.
    Please note: before you use SciFinder for the first time you must register personally, to obtain your personal username and password, via the SciFinder registration page (you will need to enter your UoB username and password to view this page).
  • Synthetic Reaction Updates - literature updating service that helps researchers keep abreast of recent developments in synthetic organic chemistry. Replaces Methods in Organic Synthesis and Catalysts & Catalysed Reactions from 2015.
  • Web of Science: Core Collection - databases available within the Web of Science Core Collection: Science Citation Index (1900-, with 1900-1945 limited to c.250 core journals); Social sciences Citation Index (1956-); Arts and Humanities Citation Index (1975-); Arts and Humanities Citation Index (1975-); Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Science (1990-); Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Social Science & Humanities (1990-).

More subject resources

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New resources

Kanopy - award-winning documentaries, classic and indie films

New York Times Archive - coverage from 1851 to four years ago

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