Anatomy resources

Location of print resources

You can find most of the resources for human and pre-clinical veterinary anatomy in the Medical Library, with further specialised collections in the Veterinary Sciences Library. Use Library Search to find the classmark for an item, and to search for books and other materials.

You can also find useful material in other libraries:

  • Course based materials
    • Reading lists are available in your Unit Handbooks
    • Most undergraduate course materials, including examination papers, workshop questions & answers, and some lecturer’s notes, are available on Blackboard
  • Theses
    • PhD, MD, MSc, ChM and DSc theses of staff and students from 1910 to date, are kept in the thesis collection and can be viewed by request

Digital resources

Anatomy databases

Additional resources

  • Historical Anatomies on the Web - access to high quality images from important anatomical atlases in the collection of the National Library of Medicine. 

Subject support

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