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Quick introduction to Library Search

  • Library Search is found on the Library homepage and provides a single search interface for searching the Library's printed and online collections, together with millions of scholarly e-resources all at the same time.  Library Search can also be searched and accessed from MyBristol.
  • Just type one or more words into the search box and press Enter or click Search. To search for words as a phrase type quotation marks around the phrase, ie "climate change". See below for more Search tips.
  • You can choose to search either Everything or 'UoB Collections' (ie, University of Bristol Collections) by using the tabs above the search box:
    • UoB Collections covers the Library’s print and electronic collections, including books, eBooks, journals, eJournals, theses, and more (see Coverage of Library Search below for more details).
    • Everything searches for journal articles as well as searching UoB Collections, from a huge collection of various publishers and databases (see Coverage of Library Search below for more details).
      Please note: For comprehensive searches for articles in your subject area, we recommend that you use the appropriate databases for your particular subject, which may also provide more powerful search facilities.
  • If you are not finding the results you had hoped for, or are retrieving too many or too few results, see Search tips below for suggestions or contact us.
  • When your search results display, you will see various options below each result which may include Locations/Availability for print resources held in our libraries, or View Online for resources we have online access to. See Using your search results below for more information.

Video tutorials and downloadable Quick Guide

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Contact us

  • If you notice technical problems with Library Search, please contact
  • If your question concerns access to electronic resources, including ejournals and ebooks please contact
  • If your question is about borrowing, renewing or returning printed items, fines, or reservations you have placed, please contact or the library in question. Alternatively, please look at our borrowing advice
  • Your subject contact in the Library will be happy to answer any questions you have about using Library Search
  • The Library will aim to enhance the Library Search service based on feedback from its users. If you have any comments or feedback that you would like to share about Library Search, please send these to