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Search engines

Search engines can be a useful starting point for discovering resources on the Internet, though these do have limitations and it is important that you are critical in judging the quality of the information that you find on the Internet. Our page on how to use search engines, including Google, effectively describes the limitations of search engines. You should access databases through our Databases page. These will give you access to quality, usually refereed, published research.

General search engines

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Academic & science search engines

  • Google Scholar for scholarly and scientific resources. Google Scholar includes our Get it! service, if you are on-campus or are using the Remote Desktop or Off-site Proxy. There is a link to Google Sholar on the Library homepage.
  • Science Research and Citeseer: scientific resources

Multi-search engines

  • Zuula allows you to access many search engines without retyping your query


Note that some of the general search engines listed above have options to restrict the search results to the UK.

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Additional resources

These can help you to locate useful Internet resources for your subject. Most subject gateways are selective about the choice of sites to which they provide links, though it is best to always judge the quality of the information that you find.

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