'Take a break' cards

We know that studying can be stressful, so we aim to provide you with opportunities to make relaxation a part of your time spent in the library. Working constantly without breaks isn’t great for your productivity - so relax and be productive!

It’s important that you take regular breaks, and to help you to do this we are providing library users with ‘take a break’ cards. You will find them on or near study desks in all libraries all of the time, but it’s during very busy times such as exam revision when they really come in to play.

When you need to leave a study desk for a break of more than a few minutes you can use one of these cards to make it clear to others when you’ll be back. Simply set the wheel to the time that you start your break, leave the card in a prominent position on the desk and return within 45 minutes.

Please consider your fellow students when you are using a library study desk: by using the 'take a break' cards you will not only be helping yourself to take breaks when you need them, you will also be helping others to find and use unoccupied desks. Please don’t leave your belongings unattended on desks for long periods – you’ll be doing so at your own risk, and also making life difficult for other library users trying to locate a place to sit and study.

If you’re struggling to locate somewhere to work, consult Find a Study Desk to help you spot which libraries have unoccupied spaces. This is active and updated regularly during the January assessment period and again for twelve weeks in the run-up to the Summer exams.

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Other ways we can help you to combine study with relaxation.

Find a Study Desk

Our Find a Study Desk service is here to support you throughout revision and assessment periods.

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