Library access for graduands

Information regarding access to library services for undergraduates finishing their studies.

You will be able to use the library until 31st July 2021. Your Ucard will no longer grant you building access once your exams results are in and you are deemed able to graduate. However, you will be able to access the Arts & Social Sciences Library and Wills Memorial Library on production of your Ucard until the end of July 2021 during staffed opening hours only (please check our webpages for details on opening hours).

You must clear your library account of books by your official course end date. Please note that you won't be able to borrow books once your Ucard stops working, but will be able to consult materials within the library itself.
Access to email and library e-resources will remain active until such time as you are de-registered, which usually takes place in August. Please see the following IT Services link for more information:
For information on access to library services as a UoB graduate, please see: Library Services for University Alumni | Library | University of Bristol.
If you have further questions, please email the Library Access Team at


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