Research centres

The Law School is home to a number of very successful research centres. These formalise the research and reputational strengths of the School, attract high-calibre staff and students - and provide a community of scholarship that extends way beyond the walls of the university.


Prime Minister Theresa May has begun the formal process of Brexit by triggering Article 50. But what exactly does that mean for the country and what is the process moving forward? 

Centre for Global Law and Innovation

The Centre for Global Law and Innovation brings together expertise in international trade law, innovation law, intellectual property law and digital economies, promoting thought leadership on the legal challenges posed by digital economies and global trade.

Centre for Health, Law, and Society

Founded on a broad understanding of health and well-being, we examine the role and effect of law and regulation across sectors, both within and far beyond health care.

Human Rights Implementation Centre

The Centre, based in the Law School, provides an international focus for developing expertise, advice and scholarship on the role of institutions, whether those are at the national, regional or international levels, in the implementation of human rights.

Centre of Law and Enterprise

The Centre for Law and Enterprise, based in the Law School, is an international centre of excellence for critical scholarship, teaching and public engagement dedicated to progressive and innovative thinking around the business enterprise.

Centre for Law at Work

Dedicated to fostering an interdisciplinary dialogue around legal issues related to work, the Centre brings together world-leading academics with internationally-recognised research profiles in the fields of employment and labour law, and corporate governance.

Productive Margins

The research of the Productive Margins team looks at regulating for engagement - understanding that people and communities excluded from participation in the regulatory regimes that impact upon their daily lives have expertise, experience and creativity that can be politically productive

Research centres 

Our research centres specialise on a particular theme of research, and have made a positive impact both nationally and internationally.

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