Data Privacy

  • What information is being collected and how? 

We collect the following information in the application form when you contacted the Law Clinic: your name, email and telephone number. We do not hold any financial information. 

Your information is being held in our database and is manually inputted and updated. 

  • Who is collecting it? 

Information is collected and processed by the Law Clinic administrator currently in post at the University of Bristol, who receives the enquiry forms. Her contact details are available on our website. 

  • Why is it being collected and how will it be used? 

Your name and contact details are collected to enable us to help you with your legal case. 

Information about you is collected and passed to the students who are involved with your case. They in turn will collect further information from you to facilitate the smooth running of your case. Other than members of the Law School your information will not be shared with anyone else unless you agree. 

  • Who will it be shared with? 

The Law Clinic administrator shares details of client names and contact details including telephone number and email addresses with the Clinic staff and students to facilitate the smooth handling of your case. We do not share your details with anyone else without your agreement. We may need to contact third parties in connection with the conduct of your case. 

  • How long will it be kept? 

We have to retain your details and information for a minimum of six years after which it will be deleted without further notice to you.

Last updated 23 May 2018 


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