Information about ResNet

All University accommodation has access to fast wireless (802.11ac) and this will be the main way youíll connect your devices. Almost all locations also have a wired ethernet connection too.

eduroam Wireless

The eduroam wireless service is available in your accommodation and everywhere around the University. eduroam will be the best way to connect your Laptop, Smartphone and/or Tablet. Setting eduroam up is easy and will only take a few minutes. Please visit the eduroam connection instructions page for details.

ResNet Wired

If you have already connected to eduroam wireless with your PC or Mac then you will already have access to the wired connection in your accommodation. If your computer only has a wired connection, e.g. Desktop PC, then youíll need to download the wireless installer, transfer it to your computer and run it Ė this will get your wired connection working. If you need a cable then ask in your Student Residential Village or visit the Help Desk - counter service.

Devices such as games consoles cannot connect to ResNet wired because they do not do authenticated (802.1X) connections. ResNet Wireless is your only option.

ResNet Wireless

You may have noticed a ResNet wireless signal is available in your accommodation. This wireless signal is a secondary form of access (eduroam being the primary) that allows you to connect devices that donít work well with eduroam. Games consoles are a good example because they are not capable of connecting to our authenticated (802.1X) wired and wireless networks. Other examples are: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Google Chromecast, wireless printers, etc.

Unfortunately Sonos requires one device to be on a wired connection to set it up on wireless. Sonos can't be connected to our wired network because it does not support 802.1X authentication (last checked September 2019).

Devices that are only compatible with home-style (PSK) networks can access the internet via this network. To get a network key please visit and follow the link to create a key. A personal key will be emailed to you; do not share this with others because you are responsible for any use or misuse via this account.

UoB Guest Ė Visitor Wireless

If you have visitors, then they can access the internet using UoB Guest. This is a free service but is significantly inferior to eduroam in both speed and number of available connections. Itís best to avoid it.

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