Hardware, networks and data

Guidance on hardware purchasing, research data and custom / autonomous networks.

Computers, laptops tablets

Advice and procedures on purchasing standard equipment:

Can't find what you want? Contact the IT Service Desk to get advice from IT Services or alternatively speak to your Zonal IT team.

Equipment and instrumentation

The Research Equipment Support Team in Research IT can help researchers purchase, set-up and resolve problems with computers connected to research equipment. Request help or advice using our Research IT request form.

The Research Equipment Database details advanced equipment and facilities that are available to researchers, including microscopes, engineering equipment and spectrometers, as well as, information on who to contact to find out more about how to access them.

Some systems are complex to configure, to help users manage this, they can back up the operating system, software and settings by using CloneZilla.

Research data

The Research Data Service offers advice, support and training in all areas of research data management and is responsible for the university's Research Data Repository.

The Advanced Computing Research Centre (ACRC) manages the University Research Data Storage Facility (RDSF) for researchers from all disciplines to store their research data securely.


Researchers have access to the standard network infrastructure provided by IT Services to all members of the University, including Eduroam, wireless hotspots and off-site access.

Researchers can also get access to specialised networks when their research requires it, for example:

  • Quarantine Network (QN) - A segment of the wired network which is isolated from the main campus network and has no external network access, example of use maybe a microscope, scope, CNC and hydraulic systems.


Please contact your local Zonal IT team in the first instance, to discuss whether your research group could benefit from having access to a specialist network.


Last updated: 19/02/2018

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