Volcano deformation satellite data


Volcano deformation website development to record and collate information about volcano deformation events.

The Volcano Deformation website is built using WordPress, and provides a bespoke set of forms and templates to record and display information about observations of deformation at volcanoes around the world.

All of the volcanoes in the index have an entry containing information about past deformation events measured using satellite radar (InSAR) or ground based methods, such as GPS, levelling or tilt.

Once the new InSAR satellite, Sentinel-1 (launched April 2014), enters its operational phase the site will also provide images constructed from the most recent Sentinel data for each volcano. These images will be processed on a local server, and the resulting images automatically copied across to the Wordpress server where they are picked up and displayed on the site via an automatically generated page with no further editing required.

"Expert help from Research IT has allowed us to concentrate on the content of this website rather than devoting research time to learning about website development. I am particularly pleased that this website will be sustainable, and allow multiple contributors. We hope it will develop into a useful resource for the volcanological community". Dr Susanna Ebmeier, School of Earth Sciences Research Associate on the project.