Map your Bristol

Development of an online mapping tool and mobile app for Bristolís history, heritage and cultural sector.

Map your Bristol is an online mapping tool that allows you to explore and co-create Bristolís history, heritage and culture through the eyes of local communities.

The eight Project Community layers were created as part of the Know your Bristol project which brought school students, local historians, first-time mappers, film-makers, activists and archivists from the community groups listed, together with researchers from Bristol University and archivists and archaeologists from Bristol City Council. The aim was and is to co-create a way of seeing Bristol, and of exploring its history, heritage and culture, through community eyes.

The Contributed Community layers have been added by visitors to the site since it has gone live. Map Your Bristol aims to be a living archive: a space where stories, memories, images and video are not only collected and stored but are continually accessed and added to. With this aim in mind we invite you to contribute Ė are you a member of the one of the groups listed, is something missing from your layer?

Research IT developers created the online mapping tool and navigation within the Map your Bristol website, they also developed the Map your Bristol mobile app which is publicly available for download for both iphone and ipads and android smartphones and tablets.