A-Z index of the Research IT guide

A-Z index of the Research IT guide
SubjectSummary / keywordsSection
Autonomous networks Information on autonomous networks - what they are and how to request one. Hardware, networks and data > Autonomous networks
Case studies Case studies about how Research IT supports University of Bristol researchers who need specialist IT for their research Case studies
Specialist Websites Research IT can help build and maintain specialist websites Specialist Websites
Ebola virus modelling Programming support to aid the rapid development of tools to sequence and follow the genetic development of the Ebola virus. Case studies > Ebola virus modelling
IT costs in grant applications Guidance to Principal Investigators on the specialist IT resource that you will / will not normally need to bid for. IT costs in grant applications
Hardware, networks and data Guidance on hardware purchasing, research data and custom / autonomous networks Hardware, networks and data
Map your Bristol Development of an online mapping tool and mobile app for Bristolís history, heritage and cultural sector Case studies > Map your Bristol
Proposal support Help with the IT aspects of research proposals: writing technical proposals, data management plans, finding IT specialists and confirming IT costs Proposal support
Research IT changes to the FEC tool Changes to the on-line FEC tool that allow IT staff to be associated with research grant applications Research IT changes to the FEC tool
Software and programming Research IT can provide help with software or programming to support your research Software and programming
Volcano deformation satellite data Volcano deformation website development to record and collate information about volcano deformation events Case studies > Volcano deformation satellite data