Registration of IT accounts for new staff between 9 March and 11th April

[09 March 2018]

The registration of new staff will be frozen from March 9th due to the forthcoming launch of the new Enterprise and Resource Planning tool (ERP). It is expected that new registrations will resume after April 11th, but as a new provisioning process will be in use there is a potential for delay.

If a new member of staff (including honorary staff) does not not already have a record in PIMs then they will not be registered for computing facilities. This is because the account registration process is dependant on data from PIMs which was closed for updates as of end Thursday March 8th.

IT Services has no process to manually register new staff for computing facilities. We can offer a guest or visitor logon but this only enables logon to a University pc, and does not include an Office 365 account, email, calendar, filestore or intranet access.

Visitor accounts cannot be given access to departmental filestores because of potential risk of data loss. We do not recommend the use of personal email accounts to process University data for similar reasons. In addition, existing staff should not share their UoB credentials so as to enable new starters to have access.Any line managers requiring a visitor account for their new starters should send a request to the IT Service Desk-