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These pages provide information that supplements the main IT Services web site.

Please make queries and report problems by contacting the IT Service Desk.

You can check the status of an existing request with the Self service tool (UOB only).

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Guide to applying for research data storage

Schools and Departments only have a limited amount of storage space to share between all personal, research, and admin requirements. Personal storage areas (e.g. MyFiles) and group/lab shared folders are not suitable for storing large amounts (10s or 100s of gigabytes) of data. You should instead use the Research Data Storage Facility. Each PI can currently get 5 TB of free space.

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How do I connect to a printer?

Managed Windows PCs should automatically connect you to the correct printers. Please contact the Service Desk if this is not happening as we may need to adjust your access. Include the location of the printer and its model.

Connect manually or from Apple or Linux computers

Interacting with remote Linux and Unix servers using Xming, PuTTY and WinSCP

To connect to remote Linux and Unix servers from a Windows PC, use the PuTTY application. This is installed by default on University-managed Windows computers, but is also freely available online. If you wish to run a program on the remote server in an X11 environment (e.g. a program with a graphical user interface), first run Xming, which is also installed by default, but also freely available online. To transfer files between your local computer (or O drive) and the remote Linux/Unix server, use WinSCP.

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Linux-specific documentation

We have started on some basic Linux documentation to help you with getting started accessing some Linux resources.

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