IT Services, Zone B

These pages provide information that supplements the main IT Services web site.

Please make queries and report problems by contacting the IT Service Desk. You can check the status of an existing request with the Self service tool (UOB only).

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  1. Printing
  2. Remote Access
  3. Transcribing interviews
  4. Stata Licenses
  5. BRMS shared filestore


How do I connect to a printer?

Network connected printers are available for connection by users either via Print Release or via one of several Print Servers. View the advice describing how to manually connect a printer.

If you have a non-networked printer that needs to be connected directly to your machine please contact the Service Desk. Please note these are deprecated in favour of Print Release, unless there are exception al needs for their persistence.

How do I configure a Canon mailbox on my computer? THIS SERVICE NOW DEPRECATED AND REPLACED BY PRINT RELEASE.

Older (pre 2016) Canon copiers had a secure mailbox facility. View the instructions to request a mailbox and configure your computer to use it.

Remote Access

Due to the amount of "restricted" data within FMDY we have set up a "FMDY Secure Remote Desktop" service for use by all staff in the three FMDY Schools. This is more locked down than the standard Staff Remote Desktop and protects you the user, as well as the University, from accidental loss of data and the subsequent events that would unfold, e.g. involvement of the Information Commissioner, fine of up to 0.5m, disciplinary action, and so on.

A good rule of thumb to take is that if trying to access any data or files that are not publicly available then use the FMDY Secure Remote Desktop service.

Transcribing Interviews

It is common for interviews to contain "restricted" data, i.e. data that is not categorised as "public". As such every precaution must be taken to ensure the security of such data, particularly when interviews need to be transcribed. Therefore the University has created some transcription guidance to help you understand what is permitted and what your responsibilities are.

Digital Recorders must have their folders encrypted and their PIN set using Olympus Dictation Management Software as described here
(NB. the ODMS software supplied with digital recorders are licensed for a Single User)

Stata Licenses

Relevant to all users of Stata on desktops in SSCM,
a few times a year, some staff are unable to use Stata - it just says it's unavailable.

This is because it has a 50 concurrent user licence, so the 51st and above simultaneous users can't run it.

To alleviate this we look at who has had Stata open and idle for a while, sometimes over a day, and ask them to exit. There's no reason why they should have known that there was a licence limit and they were blocking others.
There is now !

Please remember to exit Stata if you're not using it.

PS. It is a rare occurrence so we don't think we need to raise the limit, and with this knowledge, it may not ever occur again.