Policy and process for booking IT Services training rooms

The IT Services training rooms in 31 Great George Street are available as follows:

  • 1.17 (31GG-1.17 on Calendar) is available to University projects run through the Strategic Programmes Office
  • 1.18 (31GG-1.18 on Calendar) is available for general use by Professional Services.

The rooms are only available during normal working hours (8:00 - 18:00 weekdays). Both rooms have 10 delegate PCs + 1 trainer PC.

The rooms should be booked through the IT Training Administrator, stating:

  • The full title of your course or event
  • The date, start time and finish time
  • A named contact for each booking
  • The name of the trainer (if different).

Please note: The training rooms are for formal sessions that require several PCs (courses, workshops and testing). They cannot be booked in advance for meetings or one-to-one training, except for short-notice bookings (< 2 weeks in advance) that do not interfere with course use (at the discretion of the IT Training Administrator).

Before booking:

  • Be sure that your request complies with our policy for booking or your request is likely to be turned down.
  • Check that the room is available for the full duration of your course, allowing at least 30 mins changeover time from any other bookings either side of it.
  • Check that the room has the software and equipment you need.

At all times it is up to you to:

If in doubt about anything, contact the IT Training Administrator.

Policy for booking the IT Services training rooms

We operate two booking rounds a year, in which departments with access agreements are given the opportunity to book their course schedules in advance of the rooms being made generally available for booking. Priority in 1.17 will be given to University projects run through the Strategic Programmes Office, 1.18 is available to any Professional Services department.

To ensure fairness of access to a scarce resource in heavy demand, we have to set some limits:

  • Rooms are available for Professional Services use only;
  • You cannot book further in advance than the next booking round period (that is, generally, no more than 6 months in advance);
  • Unless you have an access agreement, you can only book up to 3 consecutive days and up to 6 days in total in any calendar month;
  • The rooms are for sessions that require several PCs (courses, workshops and testing). They cannot be booked for meetings or one-to-one training;
  • We are unable to allow precedent to dictate future bookings so future use is only possible if the rooms are free.

Please also note that:

  • We are unable install software or particular versions other than the the software currently installed. We also must ensure licence terms for particular software cover your proposed use.
  • We unable to help with arrangements for refreshments, lunch, or any other special support for the event. We do not have facilities for catered meals and only limited space for buffets.

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